Ajay Bellur

It is my honour to write about Shobhamam. There are only few people who have the intention to help the society, irrespective of where they come from. I am glad to say that Shobhamam is one of those who helps the people who have problem with their communication skills and intellectual ability. Because of which they are not equipped enough to grab any job in this competitive world. For this problem they have their own reasons, but the solution is “ Shobhamam”. One positive attitude of yours is that you will understand and motivate the student even if the solution for his/her problem doesn’t exist.

Ayesha Rao

SHOBHA MA'AM is not a teacher. She is like a mother who treats her students like her own children. It is not only about communication skills in shobha ma'am class, the motivation given keeps you gushing. I prefer every one to take her guidance not only to improve the communication skills but also for the moral values she teaches us. These are the words from bottom of my heart to SHOBHA MA"AM.... You have been the most influential person in my life. With your guidance, seemingly difficult things became easy. You taught me to keep trying and to never to lose hope. You gave me wings and taught me to fly. I am grateful for everything you gave me. You didn't just teach, you mentored. Thank you for being my teacher. you are the best. I am glad to be your student, a million thanks to you, Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always remember you. ThanQ ma'am..

Dr. Gaurav

I would like to share my perception about your class on Communication skills and personality development briefly. The day I visited your website, I was amazed to see the photographs and testimonials pertaining to the class. After visiting the class and meeting you ,I was simply left undoubtedly about my decision. I am sure this is the most non-commercial, student friendly environment, economical and technically the best communication skill class in any metropolitan city in India . From the first day, we were provided with loads of motivation and the first word we were given in vocabulary was SMILE :) . The key points which I observed and liked were , comfortable environment , interactive learning , topic-wise limitless vocabulary , grammar building formulae , regular group discussions and public speaking accompanied by compliments from you which boosted our confidence a lot. You taught us like mother and always caring to everyone. Coming to results or improvements, I noticed improvement in me and others both professionally and psychologically .I developed my way of thinking, improved English technically, developed an interest and habit of reading books and newspapers. Basically, we all learnt to live life within 3 months. This was my best decision to join the class. You showed us the right way and it is our responsibility to follow your principles and continue this habit life-long. It was really my pleasure to meet you and attend your class. It will be a life time relationship and will be always obliged to you. Thanks for your dedication and effort to build our future.


I had reservations about joining a course on communication skills & personality developments, but proven wrong as i have been enjoying the course right from the first class. Mrs Shobha Misra is a real proffessional and an excellent teacher. I am excited about the things i am learning in her class. Its been a few classes that i have attended but it has helped me tremendously. I find that my thoughts flow more freely and my skills are improving as well. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who relies on communication, writng skills. This is for you mam ? if ever someone asks me to define the word teacher i would just say Mrs Shobha Misra mam ?

Gopi Naik

I am very proud of Shobha ma'am and Anil sir for their honest efforts to run the communication skills and personality development classes successful I pray God to give more strength to shobha ma’am, so that she can conduct more and more classes and people like us get benefit of that. However no where we are getting this type teaching environment They are going to tell us lot of inspiration stories in the class which will triggers in us as a stepping stones in our learning and make us to take challenge ourselves and grab the things with enthusiastically I would like to suggest people without second thought please join the Shobha Misra communication skills and personality development course will definitely help you people to improve your communication because class will run with passionate and with purpose I improved myself in communication and now I am able to handle my US colleagues I also learn about values in life and how to lead a peaceful life Once again I thank you both Shobha Ma’am and Anil sir from Bottom of my heart For their effort to make fulfill people expectation and Boost their communication.


Hi..I'm Gurditta, an Engineering Student from Punjab. Before coming to Mam's classes i visited many Personality Development centres in Bangalore but i was never satisfied with their manifesto & most of them are really Hypocrite. After joining mam's classes, I not only developed my confidence in speaking English but also i learnt how to Live happily. Ma'am never teaches like teacher, she always teaches like a Mother teaches her child. This three months can help anyone to speak out in any situations as parent, friend, husband, wife, child, student, citizen. I learnt to speak concisely, clearly and confidently with anyone. In my batch Mam also requested her husband for taking organizational communication and formal writing classes. At the fag end of the course i also started believing in GOD.. May LORD bless you with good health, a great mood, happy moments. Thanks ma'am for bringing a tremendous change in my life...

K Kranthikumar

Hi All.... I am Kranthikumar from AP, did my graduation from BITS GOA in Mechanical Engg. As a part of my course I had been put up in project work in I-flex solutions @Domlur. I felt myself not upto the mark in communication skills...then I started looking for personality development institutes...there I found this place SHOBHA MISRA's institute. I would like to share my memories with this institute. First thing that I liked about the classes were Mam would make us comfortable so that we could come with what actually we knew.....and then she would find the problems that we face while communicating...and these problems would be rectified in a step by step procedure by giving assignments like organising presentations, conducting GDs and few assignments to enhance writing skills too. By regularly attending the classes you would actually fall in love with what you are doing. She has got passion towards what she is teaching (since she was conducting classes from past 35 years) and that's the reason why we will not get bored in the class....and finally at the end of the programme you will leave the place with a feel (urge to learn English) which is very unique when compared to other so called big institutions. All I want to say is be regular to the classes and your ability to communicate well is assured....Thank you Mam for all you have done....miss you a lot......


Dear Ma'am  & Sir, "My Gurudakshna" Well I was in Dilemma if the class would help me with my spoken english but after attending the class i see the big picture which is not just speaking english impeccable, but an overall character development .....  


I am Kumar from Tamilnadu . I have persued MCA in TN. I had studied in regional medium only [Tamil medium school].That is the Reason I couldn’t speak English , after finishing my degree also .That is the only reason , I missed lot of opportunities . One of my family friend suggested me to join this class . I want to share about Shobha Misra ma’am class . When I met her first time I felt , I can speak good English , Because that environment is liked that ,and also I thought ma’am could teach me good English in a proper way . She has 39 years experience in Teaching line . She has given everyday many tips regarding Interview , Body language , Soft skills etc. Recently I finished this course , now I can face any type of interview without fear. I had some experience about some spoken English class , Previously I joined English class in Chennai , After one month I discontinued that class, because they didn’t teach well. I have one talent I can measure (identify) others teaching talent. When I joined first day class itself I found ma’am had excellent knowledge and skill. She has been following one format(syllabus) that thing attracted me a lot . what a syllabus! We can’t find anywhere in India I am 200% sure. If you want to join any spoken English class I suggest you , please go and join Shobha Misra ma’am class , Make use of that class. You should attend one demo class after that u would make correct choice yourself I am sure …..all the best if you have any doubt contact ma’am or me.


I am Lakshminarayana and I would like to share my experience about the communication classes and institute. I used to face problems in communication, Interpersonal skills and nonverbal signals before joining class. Mam I am very thankful to you first, as I have improved in all the aspects and learnt so many unknown things which we cannot get anywhere even though pay more money. First thing that I knew every class is important and valuable, if you miss one class we will loss so many things. Mam first you make us comfortable so that we could come with what actually we knew and then you would find the problems that we face while communicating. These problems would be rectified in a step by step procedure by giving assignments like organizing presentations, GDs few assignments to enhance writing skills too. Mam you taught and trained us in very good manner during these three months. In the class we did some mistakes unknowingly along with studies, but your patience level is very high, you tolerated our mischiefs and taught like your own children. We all are thankful to mam for your best efforts. In Bangalore no one else is teaching like this, less time as well as less fees and with passion. Mam you are not only a teacher & trainer, you are very good friend as well as sociological mother to us. We can't forget in our life time which we have learnt in your class, like self-respect, how to lead life with happiness, peaceful, healthy, joyful, bravely and respectively. Finally we are requesting you please allow us to be in touch with you to get the fruitful solution for unsolvable issues in our life whenever it happens.


In the past two decades (since childhood) of my association with Shobha Ma'am, I have attended her English & communication skills classes on & off multiple times. Thanks to Mam's classes my colleagues in the corporate world as well as my kith & kin are all praises about my communication skills & proficiency in English. Resultantly I get arrogant about my soft skills but that doesn't last longer than my first day in a new batch at Mam’s place. Mam imparts the collective knowledge of all her earlier experiences making each new batch better than the earlier. There is always a whole bunch of words in English vocabulary, a plethora of phonetic corrections and tons of grammatical rules; I learn that humbles me down. The best thing about her classes is the practical tips she gives on public speaking, interpersonal communication, negotiation, corporate etiquettes and behavioural grooming. By the end of three months I am a better person both attitudinally & ‘apptitude’-inally. That's not the end, I know I have to go back after 2/3 years to horn my personality & keep my English speaking skills in-vogue. Twenty years ago & Twenty years hence I see the same zeal, enthusiasm & passion for students in Ma'am. She gives personal attention to each student, understands his/her strengths & weaknesses and tailors the classes to suit each individual. Its too trivial to compare her with other English trainers…while they may cover the syllabus for English speaking, she uncovers the English language. Looking forward for many more learning experiences…!!!!!

Neeraj Gupta

I am an IT professional and it was destiny which brought me to these classes. This course not only helps in improving vocabulary and grammar but also gives a confidence to speak in public. The simplicity, home like environment, mam’s passion & her unique teaching methods makes it a wonderful experience, much different from any regular coaching institute. Moreover, the discussions in these classes are really enriching and help in improving the personal competence. I personally found each topic discussed in this class is like a seed, sow somewhere inside us. With self analysis and group discussion these seeds flourish into good thoughts and when these thoughts interconnect, it translates into self confidence & self awareness. Thanks mam!! for such a wonderful experience.

Padmavathy Narayanan

This is Anu (Padmavathy Narayanan), Sriram's sister. Infact my primary motivation to join this class was the tremendous improvement Sriram had due to these classes. He is doing excellent at his job now. Before this course, I would find it very difficult to voice my thinking. It was tough for me to think in English and speak confidently. After this course, these shortcomings are definitely gone and I can now give voice to my opinions boldly. But this course is not just about spoken English - but over the time it transforms one to be a much better personality. Shobha ma'm goes much beyond being just a teacher and shows motherly care for the students. I felt very much at home in all her classes. It was an excellent journey for me - bringing me all my college life nostalgia. After these classes, infact, I feel much younger! And yes, her sense of humour cannot be overstated; one has to experience that oneself. Long live Shobha ma'm - to teach even my kids. I don't think I have enough words to thank her, even though she has taught us tonnes of words! I wish her and her family a very happy, peaceful and healthy long life. We love you ma'm.

Puneet Gaur

Dear Ma'am and Sir, Thank you for your determination to guide me in a magnificent tactic. It's my three month journey in your class and i don't know how this time passed I've never seen this type of institute, i would like to say it's my home....

Rajesh Agrawal

I had problem in some of the areas of spoken English which I was not able to figure out. I started searching in google a tutor who can cater my needs besides developing personality and removing fear factor inside me. After going through the entire time schedule and details of syllabus thru her website www.shobhamisra.com , I joined Shobha madam’s Communication Skills and Personality Development Classes. She has solid experience of 40 years Today after completing full course, I realized that I benefited beyond my expectation by attending the classes. However one should be punctual and more discipline if he/she require to achieve real benefit of the classes. I recommend all ,who want to develop their skills .

Ramesh S

Shobha mam is a wonderfull and excellent teacher . The coaching and mentoring method used by her is class beyond compare. I have no words to praise her. She is highly talented and using her talent to develop her students. The best part which i like about her is that ,she gives personal attention to each and every student of her class.Before joining her classes I used to struggle a lot in my  communication. I had tremendous improvement in my communication skills and confidence level after attending Shobha Mam's classes .  Because of this i got posting in London. I am thankfull to her and recommend her classes to every one, who is looking for allround development in their personality and communication skills.

Rohit Saxena

One of the best decision of my life to join Shobha Ma'am Class. I really feel privileged to write about Shobha Mam and Anil Sir. I have learnt so many things under her and his guidence. They teaches us Communication Skills, Interview Skills, TPM, Email Etiquette and most important "Moral Values". At fag end of the class everyone get lot of confidence in our batch. Now we can speak anywhere without any fear and hesitation. In a nutshell by driving home, I would like to prefer everyone ( who is looking for Communication Skills and Personality Development Classes in Bangalore) to join Shobha Misra Communication Skills and Personality Development Classes. would like to conclude one quote of Shobha Mam.... " Keep Trying and Never Lose your Hope. The real failure is when you stop Trying."

Thank you Mam and Sir.

"Wish you a very very Happy Teacher's Day Mam and Sir."

Saravanan Sundararajan

I am Saravanan (7.30AM to 8.30AM batch). I am working at CSC Company in Bangalore as lead consultant since 2005. Before joining this job, I was searching a job in IT field. I didn’t get a job because I had lack of communication issues in English. Once I joined & learned communication information from you after that I used my communication skills in the interviews. I got a job. I believed myself. ,I had luck because of that I joined the communication class. After 5 yrs, again I joined your class because I want to fulfil myself with sound vocabularies which are used now days. Now I am filled with sound vocabularies, Grammar, Email ethics, corporate ethics & Etiquette, able to give well formed presentation, group discussion, Non verbal signals, pronunciation and so on. Now I have Everest confidence to survive in this competitive world. Luck is in the form of you, shobhamam. You are teaching the communication skills in entirely different way in comparison with others in Bangalore. You are the best…

Shweta Gulati

My Name is Shweta Gulati, I hail from Jabalpur city (M.P.) Jabalpur is a very small city as compared to Bangalore. 2 years back I got married and came down to Bangalore with my husband .When I came here I realized that the people are very good in speaking English, whenever I met people I got panicked because of my lack of fluency in English. After some time I decided to join English speaking class to improve my English skills, I saw many classes but truly speaking I didn’t get even good single English class, One day I read on internet about Shobha Mam’s classes, Me and my husband went there and met Shobha mam , When we saw her teaching, we were astonished because, the way she taught the students .It was just like a mother teaching to her kids with lots of patience, love and creativity. When my 1st day class was over , I was very happy.....because that moment I felt, that I achieved my correct path to improve myself. After completing my three months course , I improved a lot and my husband had seen a drastic change in my personality. Also my confidence became stronger day by day. I am very proud to tell that in my whole life I have never seen a teacher like Shobha Mam. Thank you so much Mam for giving me lots of love like my mother gave me before she died. I cannot forget everything which you gave me till my fag end of life. "Love You a lot"

The course lives to the name it portrays. And Shobha Misra is excellent, she has immense knowledge on all the topics. She knows who needs what kind of assistance and takes care of that.The course has taught me to be more practical in life. I was someone who was not confident in whatever I was doing, even to utter my name and introduce myself in meetings, I used to have problems. This course has changed my style, my way of approaching problem and has given me confidence in myself. I can now stand up in front of an audience with confidence, talk candidly and present my views. The course not only teaches you about the communication but also on how to approach your life. How you can grab the opportunities. What you should do to be successful and most importantly the purpose of life. I would recommend this course to people who have lack of confidence and who want to make an impression by communicating well and move up the Corporate ladder. The course is like a vaccine against fear. I am working as a Software Engineer in i2 Technologies and whoever wants to know more about this course can contact me on 9880595663.


Any body can teach English ,but shobha mam only teach English with love. She is passionate about teaching.If anybody asks me for joining a communication class,I'll suggest mam class. Her way of teaching totally different from all other class's. We can learn communication ,personality development, art of living, patriotism, spiritual thoughts, work ethics and all other good skills we need. Its a priceless course. I'm 103% sure  your way of approach towards career & personal life will change. And you can't find better teaching atmosphere in the universe than shoba's class. And finally you will find the best mother out there. Thank you.Love you ma'am

Suvarna Rewankar

Shobha Misra is an inspiration for all women and with her noble contribution to the society which helps the students to overcome their inhibitions about English communication and helps to boost the confidence. Coming from a rural background, I felt comfortable in learning the basics of communication which she teaches in a very methodical manner.Each day of the course has added a new learning and I would recommend this for everyone who has a complex about English Communication and related soft skills

Tripti jalan

I got the best place to learn english n the best teacher. Mam is like a mother n she teachs as mother teachs a child.

Uday Bhasuthker

I am blessed to join Shobha madam’s classes.. Candidly speaking it's Nostalgic for me... The Most important part is formulas she has created for grammar and Vocabulary more than 1k she give without using any dictionary or study materials... it shows, she prepare herself more before teaching us each and every day......... Teaching is her Passion, she is very inquisitive to teach more students even after 40+ years of her experience... it’s hard to find now-a-days... A conducive place filled with Positive Vibrations.. ma'am teaches about a lots of Moral values ... additionally she's very down to earth, my experience during the course was astounding ,,,, Hard to describe and hard to express.... you feel the Joy after joining .... :) I am Thankful to God showing the path towards a real Guru while i was leading in dark with fear and lack of communication skills..... Regards Uday Bhasuthker


You Gave Us confidence as sail,  Vocabulary & Grammar as water Vision, Energy & hope as sunlight you gave us support to grow live a happy life.